Ain't got money
Don't talk to the cops
Don't keep your eyes off the prize
Ain't got no one to talk to
Anybody to talk to
But ya can't hide from
The ones who talk to me
Don't want to be too
In a situation
They want to keep me underground
They want to see us rockin' 'n' roll
But there ain't nobody to talk to
Anybody who ain't
I'm too scared to hear it in my mind
Because this is the first time
The first time I've ever seen it
You gotta have hope
There ain't no need to worry
To have hope
When the feeling's in a couple hours
Somebody is gonna come up to me
I gotta be strong enough to let all the pain
Roll off your back
And don't you talk about your friends
You gotta take it easy
Ain't got no love for no one
It's just a waste of time
Everybody knows I got the best of mine
I gotta be strong
Gotta know when to make some noise